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EPF payment online Employer ECR challan TRRN generation

Now epfo made EPF Payment Online very easy from January 2017. epfo launched new employer uan Portal for Generating TRRN and made payment with various banks with ECR challan generation.


In order to make the employer contribution to epfo. the employer must register with epfo. most this job can be done by it professionals.but you can do it yourself after you registered, you will get login credentials like employer ID and password. login to the Portal, verify your company details. and proceed to make payment. this also tough part for 1st-time makers)


How to do epf payment in the 2017 year?

On January 2017 epfo changed employer uan login portal to unified employer login portal.  But we can pay monthly pf payment includes employee & employer contribution. By generating ECR challan online. To generate ECR challan, we have to upload employees details with the monthly contribution.

EPfo ECR challan & TRRN Number Generation

  1. we have to download Previous ECR in an excel sheet.
  2. Change the appropriate values (present month contributions) save as CSV format.
  3. Then open it in Notepad, Replace the comma with hashtags save it as Txt format.
  4. Upload employer pf details in a Text format to generate an ECR challan. Then also enter the required details for TRRN Number and Make Payment through the various bank like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, etc.
  5. After TRRN Generation. We will go for part II guide.

epf payment online

make Payment with TRRN Number

  1. Login new epfo unified employer portal.  Generate ECR challan and TRRN number.
  2. Select the TRRN number which is not older than 15 days. It will expire automatically if more than 15 days.
  3. Select the bank from the list epfo addressed almost all Public & private banks. In future employers can pay epfo payment through debit card, credit card using bill desk like payment gateways.
  4. After selecting the bank, it will redirects you to the net banking login page. Enter your username and password to log in.
  5. Make the payment and print the receipt.

 last date:  from 2016 onwards 15th of every month is the last date for payment pf contribution. epfo removed five days of grace period. 

Late payment penalties: if the employer paid on 15th but if it remitted after 2-3 days. Late payment will not consider as a late payment Because epfo accounting employer bank account debited date.  In real scenario it will be late payment due to epfo doesn’t access the bank details if it paid by net banking etc.


Update: from the last couple of weeks epfo integrated all payment gateways within their portal, so need to wait to generate challan, upload employee contribution details and make payment immediately after challan generation with TRRN (temporary reference number)

Best payment gateway for employers

  track epfo payment  status withTRRN

On new unified uan employer portal company can track without login. Just enter TRRN and track payment status. TRRN status

How to make payment at uan employer portal?

Visit the unified employer portal which the address look likes

epfo employer website also called as epfo unified member uan portal.  Click on Establishment sign in to provide your credential login the unified epfo portal.  Generate ECR Challan pay the payment with various banks other than SBI etc.

some tips for making payment

  • Employer Esewa portal will be available online at 12 AM in case if your last date is today.
  • EPFO launched New Employer login portal at
  • pf balance available by logging into the UAN Member portal in case of employees.
  • To pay the monthly pf amount through SBI, HDFC, ICICI and other net banking options, you have to log in to the epfo portal.

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