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UAN Status & its Activation status [know /generate]

Know your uan number for unified member portal login. Generating the uan number with pf number includes the full uan status & activation process. So members are advised to grab the uan number from payslip or employer if those options not available then finally visit the uan member portal and know the uan number with pf id.


Ways to check UAN status 

  1. Aadhaaar Number
  2. PAN
  3. UAN number to check its activated or not.
  4. PF Number


  • On Pf Portal,
  • By SMS
  • in the epfo mobile app


 Check Allocated UAN from the PF portal

you can check the universal account number from the online portal. with 22 digits pf id.

Here some of the steps to know uan.

  • First of all, you have to visit this official uan login portal,
  • click on know your UAN, and select status by Pf number and follow procedure.
  • you can select state as well as the EPFO office or region from the drop-down menu list page. the first two boxes of PF account number will automatically get filled in.
  • This is a time for you can type the code, extension code. Whether it does not have extension code, just leave it blank only. Finally, enter  PF account number
  • and your Contact details mentioned below.
  • Click on check button and then you will obtain a message if the UAN is allotted or not.
  • You get the message like your UAN is assigned to the member, and then you can click ID member. It can provide following details for verification, and all details will be on your mobile in SMS.

Hence, this is the easy as well as simple steps to check the UAN number status from the process. If you need to check your details and then you can follow those above steps and you can quickly to check your details.

Note: Now uan members, can check the uan status by Aadhar Number and pan card number too.Know uan number by  Pf number and Member id.

NOTE:  Name, Date of Birth and Mobile Numbers are mandatory to know/generate uan number.

Visit the below URL and click on Know your UAN.

UAN Registration & Activation process

First of all, you have to visit epfo login portal; then you have to proceed further steps to know your UAN (Universal account number ) Number, This process also called as UAN Registration / Activation.

  • To Activate UAN Number, You have to Provide Employee details such as Name, Date Of Birth, Phone Number  FInally uaN Number.
  •  UAn registration:   enter the All details mentioned above including human verification captcha and click GET PIN (OTP to your Mobile Number).
  •  UAN Activation: You will get an OTP one-time password to your mobile number, Then enter that on epfo UAN portal and click on Authorize.


How to apply for NEW UAN Number

If you receive this message like UAN Number not allocated for this member, Then you can Send a request to epfo by submitting your details and also you can track UAN Generation request status at UAN Login Portal. For more information on it, please ask in the comments.

Then you will get a message like your UAN requested is accepted and you will get UAN Number BY SMS Within seven days.


EPF UAN status of Activation

Allocating UAn to new employees takes few days/ weeks, so Once you got UAN number, then you have to activate it by mapping your details to UAN Number.


Download UAN Passbook & card @ Uan Portal epfo

pf passbook uan portal

Before UAN activation, we downloaded uan epf passbook from epfo members portal. But it limited only once for the month. We cannot check the balance on pf portal.

With Uan Portal you can download UAN passbook which contains pf balance details along with interest & contribution of both employee & employer.

How much you earn from pf Balance?

8.65% interest on 10,00,000 will be every month accumulated 80,6500 for one year, you may get 8,500 interest per month.

No need to wait for one year to check the pf statement, you can check anytime anywhere on your mobile with Epf mobile app. unfortunately, it not working epfo have to acknowledge it.


UAN Card view & download

You can download your UAN Card which contains your UAN Number along with your original details. This can help because epfo scheme not provided any identity card before except Pf Passbook.

The poerfect way to download UAN card: UAN portal>>login>>Navigate download section>>click UAN Card>> View /verify 7 download UAN card.


EPf UAN Contact Number & Email

Toll-free number 18001-18005 UAN  Email Id: [email protected]

UAN Member Portal Benefits & Services

Additional benefits for UAN Activation

  1. Get SMS Alerts regarding your EPF Balance Credit/debit transactions anytime.
  2. Get Pf account details By SMS & Missed call too.
  3. Only Pf members with UAN members can download Epf app and track their pf claim status,
  4. The greatest Advantage is Group all Pf accounts with different employers. 
  5. Transfer money from one pf account to another pf.
  6. Close previous pf account by transferring to new Provide fund scheme.

Aadhhar benefits with Epf UAN login

With Aadhhar number, you can raise claim direct with EPFO, no need to employer sign. But the employer has to Approve your Aadhaar number while joining or middle of employment. There are 86+ Million PF Members, but only 16 million UAN members get accepted by the employers. As per the latest epfo forced employers  & employees update Aadhaar number.

Because After December 31st, New financial year start then we have to hear latest news EPfo from GOI finance minister.

With Aadhhar & UAN number eliminate fraud beneficiaries with the help of employers.  Reduce Employer Involvement in the claim process.

Check UAN Status of EPFO at unified member portal.   uan status

NOTE:: Member id, Aadhaar, PAN, Mobile number, DOB, email id required to check uan status.

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