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UAN Activation /Registration learn how to activate uan number

epfo launched uan activation policy by the employer. With every new epfo member. Uan number allocated employee provident fund India EPFO and activated by the employer. We will show how exactly how Activation is done by the employer, UAN registration UAN Members portal by the employee.


How to Activate UAN?

Every employee doesn’t need to Activate UAN Number.its employer entity to activate UAN Number. Handover to you along with The PF Number. You could find your PF Number on the payslip maybe with UAN Number. You may wonder! Because of the Member id. How to get Member id for UAn activation? Member id is nothing but your pf number. epfo allocates every member with the unique id, that’s called pf number in general terms but refers Member id by epfo. Member id Required for UAN registration.EPFO Refunding admin charges to employers for activating the members uan number.activation of uan number is necessary for uan login.

UAN number Activation by the employer

Epfo employers can log on to uan employer portal, Now epfo renamed it’s as an epfo unified portal. To Activate UAN Number for their employee’s now, HR have to log into the uan portal. Employers also make payment to epfo at ECR 2.0 Portal.For activating UAN Number by the employer. The employer can enable Multiple UAN Numbers at a time,

Prerequisites for uan activation by the employer

  1. The Employer should have access epfo employer portal with valid credentials.
  2. EPFO Employer e sewa portal >> UAN >> Create UAN multiple logins.
  3. Valid Mobile number of employees.
  4. Name of UAN member.
  5. Member id or PF Account number,
  6. UAN Number of the employee.

You can also check whether UAN number activated or not with UAN Portal login access or not. Employers can check the video tutorial on youtube.

UAN Registration by Employees

Employers are lazy to activate the UAN number for all of its employees. But employees are eager to check epf balance and remaining activities like Pf transfer or withdrawal. I bet 90% of the employees doing only themselves.

  1. For activating UAN Number directly on UAN Portal.
  2. Employees have to visit the UAn member portal.
  3. Click on UAN Activate UAN,
  4. Furnish the PF Account Number & UAN Number also member mobile number, name, DOB, etc
  5. Click on Authorize to confirm,m your mobile number.
  6. On the Next page set password for UAN member portal.
  7. The last step login to UAN portal with New UAN number and password.

UAN Portal facilitates to download UAn passbook for checking the balance.

Once you had activated the UAN Number online, Then you can log in to Portal immediately. But Epfo Allocates UAN Number to PF Accounts. And Employer search for UAN Number for their employees. Then they attach to the employee member id. If your UAN Number not handed by Employer, then You could always check it on UAN Portal.there is an option for checking UAN status. Click on that page enter your PF  number or member id,  IF UAN is already activated, then you have to enter the Mobile number to get UAN number details to your mobile number.


Visit the new uan portal, and click on Activate UAN enter either uan number or pf number as shown above image. No need of Aadhaar and pan number if you choose the member id and uan. If these link to your pf account. Those automatically retrieve from the database.

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Email ID
  5. PF Number required.

Activating uan registration by uan number, PAN, Aadhaar and pf number.

Now epfo members can activate it means they can get a chance claim their old pf amount which was left on while ago.

Only Required Details are marks with the star symbol.

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Mobile Number.


EPFO UAN member Activation on epf mobile app

why employees need to search on google and then find correct URL for uan activation. epfo made a successful invention of their four crores or 40 million subscribers.  uan number registration is very easy on epf mobile app.

Just download the uan mobile app from google play store. Tap on the app you see services for employers, employees, and pensioner as well as.

Click on employees and then between epf passbook and ACTIVATE UAN.

uan activation

After completing above screen just below the screenshot. To enter pf details and uan number to click activate.  we don’t need to know uan number before the activation.

uan activation on mobile app


Now uan portal registration without uan number is possible just visit the new uan member portal. Follow the steps as we have written here. If you are facing problems like member id for uan registration then Just enter your pf number there.

UAN Registration benefits:

  1. Activating UAN Number is Now mandatory for available general facilities by epfo.
  2.  You can check epf balance by without PF Number after activating uan.
  3. Update Address pan aadhaar without submitting to the employer on uan portal.
  4. PF transfer withdrawal without any hassle online process.
  5. No employer involvement etc.
  6. You could be a member of epfo without employment.

Epfo unified portal 

All the old methods of us portal login, Registration processes are outdated. Only new unified uan portal’s uan registration is working as of now. For early registrations uan number required. But we can activate the uan without knowing the uan numberAadhaar number and pan details are not compulsory for to activate the uan. If uan number is not available with the employee, he could use pan or aadhaar. 

The Good News for epf members that, they can activate or register at uan member portal without uan and pf number.  The member can activate uan number by one of the following details.

  1. Aadhaar Number
  2. Pan Card Number
  3. PF Number or member id
  4. UAN Number.

Make sure name, DOB and Mobile number must match with your pf account.

uan number activation new process

To know your uan number or generate new uan then you must read about how to get the uan number. Once you knew the uan, then follow the above process on uan portal.  We already discussed 4+ ways to register with uan portal. By activating the uan number. If pf database doesn’t match your details, either pan or aadhaar then directly enter your pf number instead of those.

uan login password Reset change without mobile number 


Epfo recommends strong password while doing uan number activation. In case of member forgotten uan password then member have to contact the uan helpdesk. epfo customer care is receiving overwhelming tickets daily for this query.

To overcome this epfo / uan member portal introduced reset uan number password with new mobile number.  UAN is the key to uan number activation and other services.

uan activation benefits for online pf transfer: now the employee who activated uan number can fill the claim online. Then track the claim status at pf transfer status page with claim id.

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