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There are many problems facing employees, mostly related to pf transfer while old employer not responding to the employees’ request, uan activation problems, problems in KYC. updating mobile number and name and others etc.

What is UAN?

Let’s first understand every employee what is UAN.The UAN stands for the universal account number. It has 12-digit unique number allotted by EPFO. Each Employee has the unique number. It will act as an umbrella. uan number needed to login uan portal uan number and password mandatory. Otherwise, you can’t login uan the portal. uan number provided by the employer. In a case of employers don’t tell an employer then you will find uan number on uan portal. uan portal use to update mobile number, download passbook, claim pf, transfer funds, corrects the data, withdrawals pf, check pf balance, etc…

UAN helpdesk work and overview

It helps to transfer of EPF to another EPF account. If you forget the password, it helps to recover the password. uan activation process gives. access to download passbook. It helps update your KYC documents.

Hence, it helps to check pf balance, and Claim Status and more.

 to solve problems step by step

  • First of all open UAN  portal.
  • Now click member, register as the member
  • Then open a new screen of the member.
  • Fill up the following information ( fields marked with * are mandatory)
  • Select problem type: we discuss all problems one by one

What is my uan?

The pf  portal uses to know your uan number in this selective item

  • First, enter member name as it is pan card
  • Next, select Date of Birth
  • Enter to activate mobile number and Email ID
  • Now, Enter the password and re-enter the password
  • Finally, Enter captcha same as image text
  • Click GET pin. You will receive the pin number and submit the same.
  • Now open the screen you’re uan the information available
  • And the same will send email id also.

call 1800118005 from 09:15 AM to 05:45 PM on all seven days for any query relating to UAN / KYC Services.

Recover password and mobile number changed

UAN Portal used to retrieve the forgotten password and mobile number at a time

  • Open uan the helpdesk, now select type problem.
  • Now open the new screen.
  • Let’s Enter mobile number. If you forget the password, enter the old mobile number or current mobile number.
  • Enter uan number (12-digit’s)
  • NOW, enter member id and select region, PF Office, Establishment ID,
  • Then enter the name and Father mane, DOB
  • Let’s now enter problem matter
  • Next, select language and click Generate OTP
  • OTP submitted and reset your password or mobile number
  • UAN helpdesk used to change your data.


The reality of epfo support

some frequently asked question on our Facebook page.

Dear Sir,
I left my company last year in March 2017. I have updated my basic details and E-KYC on EPFO portal but approval is pending from my last employer and they are not filling my DOE (Date of Exit). I am chasing them on call and emails also but they are not responding. I have to withdraw my PF amount because I need it. I have been frustrated by chasing them for one year, so today I am writing here. Please help me to withdraw my PF.
Shailee Srivastava

Hi, sir/madam, this is GADDAM RAJU my uan is 1009577xxxx i have applied in last month and my form submitted to portal at April 3rd …but still it showing claim under process more how many days it will take to clear my pf sir..plz to settle as soon as possible sir …thanking you sir your obediently.

is it really possible to transfer pf from the previous employer to present employer online?

if you have multiple pf accounts use one man one pf otherwise, just from the previous employer, give your details to the new employer they can care rest of the process. pf automatically process the transfer with help of UAN & aadhar.

How to know the status of my uan  & link  Adhar and mobile?

Answer: we wrote at uan activation.

PF withdrawal Issues

Hi please help me i want to know how to withdraw epf money manually. i cant do it online because my employer has entered wrong details and it is not matching with my aadhaar card. And my employer is not even responding to my emails when I asked them to approve the pending changes.Please tell me what should I do i have my uan number with me.

Once you complete the process of uan registration & login to the epfo portal, upload KYC and wait for changes by both filed officer & your HR. if changes made within 1-week contact epfo by social media, phone email, offline at the regional office.

need assistance in filing a claim of my EPF?

this part covered in the Pr transfer topic.

EPFO Official email response

Hi. I have tried to email my concern regarding my PF account on [email protected]. But it seems they can never help me. The only reply I get is ‘please contact your regional EPF office. I have already visited the local epf office and given my concern in writing. What is the use of this email ID?

Delay PF claim settlement more than 30 days

generally, pf claim settlement will be done 3 working days. recently Finance minister announced one-day settlement facility, but the fact is they are not.

PF transfer issues with the previous employer

I am facing a strange situation regarding my PF.I was working in Cisco Bangalore, India till Oct 2015 after which I joined Amazon Bangalore, India till March 2017 and then I relocated to Seattle.

When I moved to Amazon India I didn’t transfer my PF and my Amazon India employer says it is not possible to transfer PF money from Cisco now to Amazon India PF since I left Amazon India.

I now have 2 UAN numbers from both Amazon and Cisco PF accounts (only Amazon UAN is activated and not Cisco) and as per Government mandate I have linked Aadhar to the latest UAN (linked with Amazon PF) but since my Cisco PF cant get transferred ,can you please let me know asap what are the options here.

My Cisco PF details:
EPF No : KN/24611/xxxx
EPS No: KN/24611/xxxx
UAN linked against Cisco PF: 1001887xxx (not activated)

My Amazon PF details:
PF Account No : BGBNG00268580000xxx
UAN for Amazon PF: 10085269xxx (activated and linked to my Aadhar at EPFO)

Ans: use One man one epf account,  link your previous pf account with them. make sure to match the details with both pf accounts. once the pf links it process transfer upon your request or withdraw to your bank account.

report extra UAn number to epfo.

Less amount received than Actual

Hi, My name is Amit Tripathi.

I have raised online PF withdrawal claim on 7th March 2018. When I check in online claim status it’s showing it’s under process. I tried to check in UMANG there it’s showing it’s settled. Today I received a partial amount of INR 75789 in my claimed bank. I am entitled to receive the total of INR 84210 for PF settlement and INR 38174 EPS withdrawal. It’s my hard earned money.

ways to contact epfo

by phone 1800118005 from 09:15 AM to 05:45 PM

Email Support: for companies [email protected]

Employees:  [email protected]

uan helpdesk portal  (not working)



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